A look at car accidents involving teen drivers

teenage car accident statistics 2018

He knows this because the students answered correctly more than 90 percent of the time. These photos of the damage and license plates will help the insurance companies and possibly a court make a determination as to who was at fault and the extent of damages.

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Teenage driving statistics 2018

Street signs, business names, and other nearby landmarks may be helpful for a dispatcher in locating the accident scene. Source: nhtsa. Nevertheless, there is evidence that even slight age differences in the adolescent years may have some effect. Call Home After things have settled at the accident scene, the teen has collected all necessary information, and the emergency responders have evaluated everyone and the scene, the teenager needs to call their parents. Clearly, they were paying close attention while doing the eye-movement task. Using a cellphone while driving contributed to more than U. What can be just as alarming as these statistics is the fact that these accidents and deaths are entirely preventable if teen drivers simply commit to being focused on the task of driving and refrain from using their cellphone whenever they are driving. Who is most likely to drive distracted? Car accidents injured another 99, more. The reason: inexperience and a tendency to get distracted, studies now show.

That puts anyone in or near that vehicle in danger. These weren't all in highway traffic either. Teenage male drivers and passengers were more than 1.

When the participants were driving without distractions, that part of the brain had been doing little.

Teenage driving accidents articles

Check out the stats below — and drive safely! Data drawn from Preusser Participants were also faster when they could focus on the task without listening to any questions. Fortunately the majority of accidents are not fatal. Looking for more statistics? The first 18 months after teens get their license are the most dangerous. About 11 teenagers sustain fatal car accident injuries every day in the U. Car accidents are a leading cause of death for American teenagers. Statistics show that these numbers have been rising in recent years despite improvements in automobile safety features. Teen car accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths in America. Despite the declining trend, deaths caused by motorcycle crashes are 28 times more frequent than other fatal traffic crashes.

Men are more likely to die in a car accident than women. An actual liability determination requires analysis and review of all facts and circumstances leading up to a collision.

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Teen Drivers: Get the Facts