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The divergent ideas of Creon and Antigone with regard to legislation coming down from the government inform their contrasting convictions about civil defiance. Tiresias responds that because of Creon's mistakes, he will lose "a son of [his] own loins"[2] for the crimes of leaving Polyneices unburied and putting Antigone into the earth he does not say that Antigone should not be condemned to death, only that it is improper to keep a living body underneath the earth.

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Any type of essay. With her last breath, she cursed her husband. She is incapable of talking any sense into headstrong Antigone from going to help Polyneices reach the afterlife. Creon accuses Tiresias of being corrupt.

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All the scenes take place in front of the royal palace at Thebes conforming to the traditional dramatic principle of unity of place and the events unfold in little more than twenty-four hours. Eurydice, Creon's wife and Haemon's mother, enters and asks the Messenger to tell her everything. The lighting made the transitions between the Chorus and the other characters very visually appealing and more soulful, going from golden light to a huskier purple. In this quote, she is shown to have the ambition to disobey Creon. One of the many characteristics that can thoroughly describe Creon is prideful. Antigone is dressed in black from head to toe, reminding one of A Messenger enters to tell the Leader of the Chorus that Antigone has killed herself. Therefore, Wajda instead pushes spectators to broaden their responses, to go farther than simply to name his, or Sophocles's, images with their counterpart in Polish life.

Lastly, readers often feel that since Antigone is the protagonist, then she is automatically the tragic hero. I highly recommend the Fagles' translations of any of these enduring classics.

At the opening, the chorus appears dressed as camouflaged soldiers, brandishing weapons, announcing that "the war is won. The disobedience is reported to Creon as well, who is enraged that someone would disobey his direct orders.

This was a great choice by director John Gulley, because whenever the Chorus is heard it feels more so that the actors are invoking the muses, Greek goddesses who represented the embodiment of creative inspiration.

They can both be seen as characters that made judgmental errors leading to their downfall. The Chorus, usually characterized as a group of elderly men, was instead cast as a group of women.

It is the classic example of someone standing up and doing the morally correct thing, and knowing full well that what they do may cost them their life.

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