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Did someone call an ambulance? Who should fill out the accident book? Contact us today if you have a health and safety training query or request. However, it is worthwhile reporting all forms of accidents. Your employer may have a scheme for paying more for time off caused by accidents, or may decide to pay extra depending on what has happened. It should include a description of how the accident happened, who was involved, what the injury was and the date and time that is happened. If a worker is incapacitated and unable to work for more than seven days as the result of an accident, the employer must report the details of the accident as recorded within the work accident book. What are your statutory requirements?

Your local authority should provide guidance on when this is necessary. Severed leg?

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Accident books are available to purchase from the Health and Safety Executive and each form will contain prompts for the information relayed above.

Details of the date, name of the injured party, witnesses, full circumstances of the accident and resulting injuries must be entered into the accident book.

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Health and safety representatives Where you can get help The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland is the lead body in Northern Ireland responsible for the promotion and enforcement of health and safety at work standards.

Risk assessment review Evaluate any risk assessments, update them and record this. If not, they must give you the details if you need them. Employees are required to inform their employers as soon as possible after the accident has taken place.

how to fill out an accident report at work
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12 Step Guide to Completing an Accident Report and Investigation