Advantages using public transport essay help

Many criminal case is being reported is causes when the public using this kind of transport. The impacts of greenhouse gassesfor example, environmental pollutionrespiratory diseases, and global warming are well documented. Last but not least, public transportation increases your social contacts. It shows that the public now is affordable to have at least a motorcycle as their daily transport rather than use the public transport.

It can also reduce commute time, with one study claiming that Americans living in areas with public transportation save some million hours of travel time each year.

Some public transport crews play too loud music forcing the passenger to should to signal the driver to stop. Last but not least, it is an effective mean to solve some serious traffic problems such as: traffic jam and accidents.

I just give you an example of mine that could be use as your reference. It eliminates the need to identify and pay for parking spaces at the various destinations. It reduces the amount of time spent on maintenance and servicing of the personal vehicle.

High-speed rails, airlines, and coaches dominate public transportation between cities.

advantages and disadvantages of public transport essay

Some special people such as disabled person and old folks may be treated bad when they are in the public transport.

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9 Benefits of Public Transportation