American beauty symbolism essay

Child beauty pageants consist of modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance and talent.

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We choose to rent this movie pending on the fact for me to write my final psychology paper on it. In the same manner, Lester is about to be taken aback by an " American beauty ", Angela.

After watching the two hour long film on the multiple characters that seemed to be struggling to find their inner happiness: American Beauty. For Pecola Breedlove, this state of longing was reality.

American beauty symbolism essay

The four horsemen are employed here regularly by the main character of Kevin Spacey who plays the role of Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis and a badgered and repressed husband who is absolutely contemptuous of his wife Caroline Burnham who is played by Annette Benning. Despite knowing that Lester is going to die from his narration during the opening of the film, his eventual demise is hinted continuously during the two hour classic through symbolism and colour. The movie is written by Alan Bell and directed by Sam Mendes. The two topics discussed in this essay from group 2 are identity and difference along with sexuality. Love It is the absence - rather than the presence - of love that is most noticeable in the first half of American Beauty. Like such television shows encouraging and persuading young girls to participate in these activities. Lester has become so blinded by his willingness to walk the straight and narrow that he must return to a fundamental - and arguably juvenile - state in order to recapture the happiness that he once enjoyed. She finishes with a brilliant beam and pose, thinking of how much she has gone through to be on that stage: the eye waxing, hair dying, extreme dieting, fake teeth, layers of make-up, clouds of hairspray, extensions that give her headaches throughout the day, and the hours of practice she is forced to execute It seems that Mendes uses the film as a method to criticise the disillusionment surrounding Americas suburban bliss. Lester is going to pursue happiness. His desire to shrug off the responsibilities of a materialistic way of life, and the way he approached the task of weathering the storm that was a mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, this subliminally enforced standard is unattainable to some women, regardless of the quality of their character. The cinematic elements from group 3 that will be discussed are cinematography and costume use. In his fantasies, the girl is shrouded in the roses, covering her body, betraying the fact that these are, in fact, his passionate musings rather than reality. This takes place when Lester is rubbing his hands around Angela's thighs.

When Colonel Fitts sees Ricky and Lester together in Lester's house and mistakenly believes they are engaging in a sexual encounter, this perversion of the truth represents Colonel Fitts' suspicion and need for total control. Bibliography 1. An ordinary, financially well-to-do family is followed through the point of view of the father Kevin Spacey.

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And he hates his life. Popularized by the startup of MTV inmusic videos are a prevalent media form that people in America come face to face with every day.

American beauty analysis

In many ways, both these films portray similar content in terms of characters fighting battles with themselves and society in order to fit in. Adepero Oduye shares a few comments that were made to her by people she cared for. Again, something is separating the both of them, such as the age gap. As Angela is shown alone in the frame, the background in the shot becomes completely black. There are some situations where putting on a act twenty-four hours a day is a bit too much. Inside of the house, he is bound with family ties and cannot escape his boring everyday-life. His existence has become more of a routine rather than a time of opportunity, spontaneous escapades and fun. Soon after that he begins to work out, smoke pot, and he even quits his job.
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The Use of Symbolism and Colour in American Beauty: A Semiotic Analysis