An analysis of middle east region

middle east analysis

The Saudis have attempted to forge a Sunni bloc and consider that Egypt, naturally, should form part of it. ChinaJapanKoreaetc. This was seen as a new move to isolate Iran when it was announced.

All of these questions will be answered in coming years. In Yemen, the Saudis and Iranians have taken opposing sides but their level of involvement differs.

Algerian diplomacy, in contrast, has gone liquid to make itself a pivotal actor, a potential mediator and an indispensable interlocutor. So as not to get lost, it is worth highlighting the events that provoke a change in the perception of who or what constitutes an existential threat.

Doha saw the political change as an opportunity to further increase its regional influence.

is india in the middle east

Nevertheless, throughoutspeculation began that WashingtonLondon and Paris had on occasions given support to Haftar. For Riyadh this visit was a provocation, just as Egypt saw a high-level Saudi delegation visiting the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Dam shortly afterwards and the announcement of the construction of a Saudi military base in Djibouti as betrayals.

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