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In this case specific product specialization aspects or strategies will be followed for this arena to capture the rural target market. Surf Brands in action Unilever Global. Marketplace segmentation is the procedure through which marketplace is separated into specific comparable groups which eventually competes with the goals and capitals of the company. For Surf it will be tough to access into a market where availability of substitute products is higher. Economic Analysis: Though Surf is one of the established and renowned detergent brands in the whole world, it has got a lot of competitors. It was a bit higher in price before. The ad is well-made from a film making point of view with an impressive acting and casting.

The quick-wash technology of Surf reduces both water consumption and time for rinsing for up to 50 percent www. To capture the rural areas strong and capable suppliers should be developed to reach at the corner of the target market.

Quick Wash is a product that saves up to 2 buckets of water and Blue is used for Fabric and Colour Care.

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Then the task is to develop the market segments and evaluate market segments on the sets criteria. This desire often leads to action. But in the rural areas new Surf will be extended their market for semi-rural customers. The philosophy behind this is the children are the best influencers for the deciders. It has created a sustainable position in the local and regional markets and has managed to influence customers in such a way that they now firmly believe that Surf is the best detergent to remove dirt and stains from clothes and it gives clothes the fairest finishing touch ever. In terms of UK rural areas there are different types of rural customer based detergent powder available in the market. While most of the parents gave up after trying once, kids continued trying and finished the task without giving up. So, Unilever has to face lots of competition in the market which are cheaper in price. Quick Wash is a product that saves up to 2 buckets of water and Blue is used for Fabric and Colour Care. Basically as competition grows up rural people are now becoming more conscious about quality of the product. Later the marketing objective and marketing mix strategies are recommended for the new marketing plan. When positioning is on the client oriented the promotion messages and campaigns are directed to the customers. Instead of lifting their spirits, the coach decides to quit.

Basically Surf mainly produces products for urban and premium class people but as competition is rising Surf wants to enter into the rural and semi- rural markets with a new mid-level quality product for the semi-rural groups.

It has got numerous competitors in UK. Surf Excel products include Matica detergent powder designed specially for washing machines as it has a low lather formula.

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Surf Detergent. In addition to that segmentation is the procedure of assigning customers into distinct markets to related clusters Graham, Its price is relatively higher, which makes it less affordable to people of all walks of life.

For new product line some effective events and sales promotion tools can be effective in the initial stage.

Analysis of surf excel
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