Arms and the man theme

The book persistently points out that division between the classes is unethical and unjust.

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None praises it but several defend it on the grounds of punishing the evil and wicked. Theme of Hypocrisy in Arms and the Man : Hypocrisy has been the age old problem with mankind. That is the whole secret of successful fighting.

Arms and the man theme

Sergius fails to get this pleasure from Raina and turns to Louka. She would make a better customer than a wife. Her relationship with Sergius whom the stage directions… Class Divisions 19th century Europe was a place where divisions between the classes were becoming sharper and more damaging all the time. Like Sergius, Captain Bluntschli also undermines traditional understandings of bravery. Knowledge Arms and the Man is concerned foremost with the clash between knowledge and ignorance, or, otherwise stated, between realism and romanticism. For Shaw, war is simply a way for men to occupy themselves, perhaps in redrawing small parts of the national borders, while others on the domestic front, who are predominantly women, shape many more aspects of life. Realism One of the central criticisms of Arms and the Man is of the tendency of people to romanticize or idealize complex realities: in particular love and war. Like Tolstoy he tells men that romantic war is only butchery and romantic love is only lust. This belief leads the young Bulgarian Major to lead a regiment of cavalry against a line of machine guns.

Bluntschli as a Swiss Republican has modern democratic ideas that contrast sharply to the older feudal ideas of aristocracy held by the Bulgarians. Indeed, Sergius, first presented as being the hero proves to be an arrogant full of vanity and an obstinate fool.

England, for instance, was dealing at the turn of the century when Shaw was writing, with melting class distinctions. For example, Raina does appear to love Sergius in the beginning of the play, but when she falls in love with Blunstshcli, she realizes her love for Sergius was superficial.

Class Class has a large and continuous presence in Arms and the Man.

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Life for Raina is what she picks up at the opera season in Bucharest. And eventually, all her endeavours and entrapping get hold of the stupid and foolish Sergius. But Raina does spy upon them and she is already in love with Bluntschli. He does not so much dislike love as the love of love. He describes conditions of starvation and exhaustion at the front lines. The working classes had gained the vote and the right to education. In contrast he condemns and mocks their attempts to conform to romantic notions of what nobility means. The playwright tries to convey the cruelty and inhuman deeds associated with war in a light tone: "I wish our people were not so cruel. It was something foolish and rash, and Sergius ought to be court-martialed for it. Bluntschli believes Raina is underage because of her romantic pretense. Once Captain Bluntschli, a career soldier, appears, he becomes an eloquent messenger for the horrors of war. She tells her mother to marry Sergius, because he is more to her taste. Shaw has shown that it is the romance of war that leads to the romance of love.

Disillusionment with war The play discusses how war is made, how it is fought, and how parties sue for peace at the close of it.

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