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Many free speech advocates blame right wing political and religious groups such as the Christian Coalition for the censorship problems in the United States.

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So Spahr and Max Gordon, the paper's year-old editor-in-chief, decided to start their own website to get the story out. It is important to note individual differences, and realize that there are a host of novels that some students are ready to read at years-old, while other students may not be ready to read them until age The accuracy of the story has not been not been challenged. Plainfield officials were invited to explain why they opposed the legislation but declined to do so, Kapp said, to avoid to avoid a faceoff between administrators and students. There are practical and educational as well as legal reasons to adhere as closely as possible to the ideals of the First Amendment. Stay Informed Free speech news, events and advocacy opportunities. Plainfield students went to the state House to testify in favor of his bill. Not every situation is that simple. Norma Fox Mazur added: …where once I went to my writing without a backward glance, now I sometimes have to consciously clear my mind of those shadowy censorious presences. Pursuant to these principles, lower courts generally defer to the professional judgments of educators. How do words like restricted and parental permission only enhance a person's curiosity about a book? How might a book challenge cause school officials to ultimately censor a book? According to one frequently censored author, Katherine Paterson: When our chief goal is not to offend someone, we are not likely to write a book that will deeply affect anyone.

Ask students to write an interpretation of one of the following quotes: "Every burned book enlightens the world.

In addition, if an adviser is caught in the middle of a case, students might be inclined to back down to protect their ally, Hiestand said. Among the most common reasons are: sexually explicit scenes, offensive language, unsuited to age group, occult themes or promoting the occult or Satanism, violence, homosexual themes, and promoting a religious viewpoint.

Ask students to write an essay defending the novel based on the moral issues and themes in the book. As discussed in Fact Sheet 8, this sometimes means that the courts will uphold a decision to remove a book or to discipline a teacher, if it appears to serve legitimate educational objectives, including administrative efficiency.

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Efforts to suppress a disfavored view or controversial ideas are educationally unsound and constitutionally suspect. Similar drops in student newspapers since the s have been observed in Chicago and New York City.

How does listening to all opinions promote the principles of intellectual freedom? Vermont is one of 13 states that have taken a more liberal approach: Laws in those states limit administrators from censoring student journalism unless they can show it is obscene, it would violate the law, or it would disrupt classroom teaching.

Then have them write and illustrate a comic book in the style of a classic comic that communicates Socrates' beliefs regarding free speech. We believe high school and college students throughout our state should have the same rights, and a change in law is the way to make that happen.

How does knowledge and reading eliminate fear?

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Give young journalists protections from school censorship