Character sketch writing activity for high school

What is your character's least favorite thing to do?

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Then, you are to make a character sketch so you will become familiar with the character of your short story. What hobbies does your character have?

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She knew she could trust me. One night, we rented three movies and watched all three while we ate popcorn, cheese and crackers, and a whole box of chocolates. The sketch includes the character's outward appearance, family members, personality, interests, and beliefs.

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It gives students an opportunity to share creative writing tips with one another. So I like to give my students the opportunity to use exercises like this one to generate several ideas about characters, settings, and plots before they begin writing a story.

Character sketch of my friend

After a few days of practice, this becomes quite easy for most students. For the character sketch, students must write a paragraph describing the person who would hold all six of their traits. This process of creating lists and then discussing them as a class gives students practice in connecting detail to inference. Point out that in the character sketch above, the writer highlighted what he or she felt were some of Liz's best qualities or character traits. Does your character have any pets? When I wanted to go up North, she said she thought it would be a great experience and that it would help me develop my sense of adventure. My friend Liz is a true best friend. They select sentences that they edit using their newfound knowledge of character traits. I assign "real" grades for finished products like poems or short stories. A good character sketch provides support detail for each identified trait. Then, you are to make a character sketch so you will become familiar with the character of your short story. When it is time for students to share what they wrote, the excitement is always very high. You can find several free reader's theater scripts readily available online. After they have mastered the art of writing a character sketch of somebody familiar, they can transfer their character-sketch writing skills to a character sketch about a character in a novel or another piece of literature. Tell students they are going to create a character sketch using these traits.
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Bringing Characters to Life in Writer's Workshop