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Here Alli talks about her process of applying to college. These are all still questions I have about being a college dance major, and I've been one for over three years.

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For example, I learned that I have to wake up a few hours early in the morning to prepare myself for the day, pack my meals for the day, and get in my first work out session. You also have cross-training, homework, a job, and an attempt at a regular college social life. College dance programs are caught between two worlds: the studious academic world, and the professional world.

Also, scholarships are rare in the dance world; typically, they are only given out to those who have a penis, so if you don't got one of those, you're SOL. It usually doesn't make any sense How exactly did I get a 'B' in character class?

College dance essay majors

It's disciplining Like I mentioned before, you have a very tight schedule and very little free time. Programs: The dance department is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Dance and offers such degrees as a B. Organize a Talent Show Talent shows are a great way to showcase talent in a safe, non-competitive environment. And no one in the profession is going to give you a leading role just because you're graduating early. Watch the webinar. Here are a few ways to get involved: Teaching Dance Teaching dance allows you to give back to your community, share your passion with others, and demonstrate important leadership skills. Seniors take seminar classes and perform in a senior showcase. Dance majors frequently take on management or arts administration roles, applying their knowledge of the industry and their communication skills. This year, Boston Conservatory is also offering a new creative entrepreneurship minor in partnership with Berklee. Some students think that extracurriculars must consist of school-recognized clubs or teams, and that independent interests or hobbies cannot count as an extracurricular activity, but this is not true. A local nonprofit supporting visual or performing arts would be a fitting and grateful recipient of any money raised. Meet the person in charge of the dance department and inquire about trying a class. Like I mentioned before, college dance tries to be both like a school and like a company, and typically fails miserably in both categories. However a majority of the dance world is still not accepting of dance college as a serious stop on your journey to becoming a professional dancer.

I did not feel that at 18 I was mature or skilled enough to stand in a room full of dancers and sell myself to get hired at a company.

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How to Incorporate Your Dance Experience in Your College Essays