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Conflicts erupted between both the communist north and the capitalist south, North Korea invaded South Korea and the United States had to step in to defend Korea against the overwhelming odds of the communist forces of China and Russia.

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Korea," The Washington Post June 18,p. Leaving North Korea illegally is a criminal offense and those returned are arrested and committed to the Gulag, often along with their families.

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The people of democracy have a say in the government. The North Korean Government operates its own vast Gulag known as kwan-li-so or political penal labor colony. It is by far the greates failure of all the Communist states. The North Korean forces crossed the dividing line 38th parallel and invaded South Korea. Harry Truman was the U. The Korean War did considerable damage and was followed by a long period of economic decline when a series of large centrally planned projects proved economic failures. The policy costs South Korea huindreds of millions of dollars, but is not helping in the effort to save innocent lives. Click on the image for a satellite image showing the stark difference between North and South Korea. The principles are "independence in politics" chaju , "self-sustenance in the economy" charip and "self-defense in national defense" chawi. When the North Koreans were driven to the Chinese border, Kim Il-sung needed a scapegoat to explain the military disaster and blamed Mu Chong, a leader of the Yanan faction and also a leader of the North Korean military. As a result of this fear, the U. Although there has been a draught and the country's economic policies have worsened an already dire situation.

In the midst of all the political conflict and speculation worldwide, the nation had to choose between two proposed solutions, each one hoping to ensure that communism didn? Could the major events that happened later on in the Cold War have triggered the Cold War to start if it did not already?

Experts disagree as to the number, but most agree that the Noth Koreans are adding to their stockpile. It is a democratic republic with three branches of government.

Human Rights Commission has largely ignored the situation in North Korea. North Korea is afflicted by famine andc dependent on shipments of food and oil from donor countries to prevent mass starvation.

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Satellite photographs and interviews of refugees suggest that 0. Maoist theories of art also began to influence North Korean musical theater during this time. After the collapse of the Soviet UnionNorth Korea's greatest economic benefactor, all reference to Marxism—Leninism was dropped in the revised constitution.

Moreover, the Korean communists had been riddled by internal differences, and different communist fractions were present in the new unified party.

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Communism in North Korea Compared with Russia Essay