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Into your next adventure. Still, key matters of product development, intrinsic knowledge and usability are handled within BMW. Choose your route options and always remain perfectly on course. Thanks again, Bill p. When i arrived to pick up the bike everything was ready to go, it was a great experience. Customizers transform bikes into unique items. So, it was no surprise to us when we heard about BMW becoming the overall winner of a customer survey in the homeland of Harley Davidson and Victory. To meet these escalating environmentally-minded standards, BMW is assessing electric and hybrid-powered bikes and even hydrogen engines. I called over the phone gave her all my information and had an approval in minutes. Of course, the BMW badge is on the finished product and this is what matters most to their customers. Robyn was very patient and easy to work with.

Equipped with the all-new Boxer engine — with a maximum torque of lb-ft, the reworked engine delivers more power than ever before. And allowing you to discover what lies over the horizon.

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Overcome boundaries. I have not found a service shop that works to my very picky standard. Cost-saving measures on the body of the bike are acceptable, but the motor is not to be compromised in any way. It does everything I want it to do and more. Very impressive. Anything less would risk the reputation of the brand BMW has worked so hard to nurture over the years. Are you ready for the pole position and for victory? This gave me even more assurance of this dealership. Though, others were interested, Jeff kept his promise to hold the bike, until I could arrange a flight down to Riverside. This mid-sized scooter expands your radius. Very honest, and very helpful. Your attitude is polarized for adventure. Each and every one of his creations is a work of art. You will be well taken care of. I have had great experiences with them on every occasion.

Owens fun to talk to also. Obstacles are transformed into possibilities. Beyond local clubs, the company is interested in cultivating long-distance travel groups.

I just wish they were closer to the bay area so I could return for service!

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Because those riding a Bagger casually enjoy the wind on their face. And, does this mean sacrificing quality? I am absolutely loving this bike.

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I also met Darren the parts manager, and Dan the owner, who delivered my bike SR , everybody I met reflected the attitude and helpful respect and friendliness that I must say is a hallmark of Riverside BMW Motorcycles. This gives those who opt for non-metallic paint a lower price and allows BMW to market a lower base price. The rich lb-ft torque and hp of the new boxer engine accelerate you quickly to your cruising speed. Brisk sales have accelerated into with sales growth estimated at 6. The participating countries will host the national qualifying sessions from January to September Experience the world with a companion that's so reliable, robust and powerful that it can even keep up with your curiosity. With the mid-sized scooter, your radius increases just as much as your digital networking with the world. The GX and the 99MT share the same engine. BMW also seeks suppliers who can provide sustainable materials such as secondary aluminum for the production of their motorcycles. Back at home I researched extensively online, soaking up reviews and comparing specs across various year, makes, and models. Overall the overall price she gave me for the new machine was a few hundred dollars lower as I was hoping for. For new horizons. Of course, the BMW badge is on the finished product and this is what matters most to their customers. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you.

On my very pleasant first visit, I saw a CHP officer riding his workhorse to its watering hole. The experience was 5 stars and I will be coming back to this dealership very soon.

More like talking with a good friend rather than a salesperson.

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