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He was gazing intently at the words inscribed on a particular stone which looked weathered but not enough so that it was unreadable. At the beginning of "Great future", Pip was 7 years old.

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Joe penetrated the sense of integrity, industry and familiarity to Pip, and Mrs. However, his contempt and shamefulness of his relations combine with the increase of wealth and young foolish friends to make his case even more perplexing.

As Pip experiences the different standards of living, his expectations increase. Young people look for role models and examples in the adults they meet. Therefore, Pip has become more self-critical of himself, as he disapproves of his own appearance and behaviour.

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However, Pip also gains a few true friends, such as Herbert. His character during this period is marked by carefree living, heedless spending of his allowances, and disdain for those around him.

This shows that Pip is generous and considerate, willing to risk being discovered by Mrs Joe that he had stolen a pork pie, just for the convict.

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Now, it was all coarse and common, and I would not have had Miss Havisham and Estella see it on any account Dickens This takes a certain amount of courage, and also shows that Pip is well-mannered. Not too long after this event, in which his behavior to Joe and Biddy does not mend, he meets his secret benefactor, Abel Magwitch the convict whom he helped when he was just a lad. In this way "Great expectations" fits the bildungsroman genre. There is an absence of both directing ideas and disturbing idealizations. His character is marked by his new life; he has forgotten his liking of Estella and has become content Dickens As Pip first comes into his expectations, he spends all of his money on self-centered luxuries to impress the other young rich gentlemen. New York Penguin Group, Pip is influenced by many characters in the entire novel, but his two most influential examples are Estella, Miss Havisham revenged the man, and a merciful prisoner Magwitch. Here Magwitch is portrayed as vulnerable, injured and not very menacing.

During his sojourn in Egypt, Pip shows his gentleness by keeping constantly in touch with Joe and Biddy; he demonstrates his gentility in the way he acts towards Herbert; and he expresses his masculinity simply by living in the East. In Great Expectations, the character of Joe is portrayed upon the reader as the comical but also sensitive grown-up figure towards Pip.

It often amazes me what happens to people once they receive a great deal of money without properly earning it and how they suddenly spend it away and come off worse than they did before they got the money.

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The Development of Pip’s Character in Great Expectations