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Elementary schools utilize screening and testing procedures to help determine readiness for reading and writing placement. The world may continue to use this form of assessment, but Howard Gardner… Words - Pages 2 history of psychological testing paper Psychological Testing Paper PSY August 28, Psychological Testing Paper Psychological testing can provide a great deal of information for many people.

This brings into question the use of IQ tests as a valid method of measuring intelligence.

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Eysenck , "Uses and abuses of Psychology", Pelican Books. The Nature and Notion of Intelligence words - 5 pages opportunity are all highly important when it comes to understanding and testing an individuals crystallised intelligence. This finding is duplicated by Operation Headstart, which provided children from disadvantaged homes with pre-school programs. The title of this essay asks specifically about measurement of intelligence, but this thereby requires an investigation into the definition of intelligence used, because of its massive influence on its potential measurement. It involves the correlation of the test score with other test scores, which is useful in seeing if a new test measures the same thing as other existing tests. It is now widely accepted that "intelligence" an out of date term that is too vague to be of any technical use. As well as predictive validity there is "construct validity" and "face validity". For example, questions like "What is butter made from? Also in regards with aptitude and achievement, I feel as though an IQ test fails in this regard as well.

Intelligence can be difficult to define because many cultures in many places may define intelligence in different ways. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website.

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Secondly, psychometrics widely ignores the processes underlying intelligent behaviour. In this paper the definition of intelligence and how it is measured will be discussed by comparing and contrasting the two intelligence tests and two achievement tests chosen from the Mental Measurement Yearbook.

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It also raises the question of whether intelligence can be measured at all.

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