Essay on wildlife and its importance

Gaur or Indian bison is another big animal common in Central parts of India. Another example is the black drongos and the cattle egrets found in India.

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Again some people believe that wearing or using some animals bone, fur etc. It helps to maintain the ecological balance of nature and maintains the food chain.

Economic importance of wildlife conservation

It also performs their duty in reducing global warming on this earth. The mineral-rich soil supports more wildlife than poorly aerated and acidic soil. Rather we should use our camera to take shots. Essay on Wildlife Conservation in India Wildlife conservation Essay in 50 Words Wildlife conservation means the practice of protecting wildlife; wild plants, animals etc. Wildlife plays a very significant role in the growth of agricultural crops and a large amount of population in this world is dependent on these crops. Thus, the issues related to wild animals were added to the concurrent list after this amendment. Wildlife conservation is also important for medical values as a huge number of plants and animal species are used to derive some essential drugs. To the utter dismay of the entire world, the wild life is being destroyed at a very quick pace. The fishes living in low water temperature have more vertebrae than those living in warm water as found in cool-fish. The preservation of wildlife helps many naturalists and behaviour biologists to study morphology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, behaviour biology of the wild animals under their natural surroundings.

Moreover, restrictions on importing and exporting of wildlife products must be banned to get a faster result in wildlife conservation. There are national agencies also engaged in the conservation of wildlife.

Essay on wildlife and its importance

Wildlife is found in all ecosystem. Due to its wide variety of biomes ranging from tropical forests to arid deserts, Africa consists of bountiful wildlife diversity. As we know, every living creature in this earth contribute to the ecosystem in their own special way, wildlife conservation has become one of the most important tasks for mankind. The duration of light to which an organism is exposed to receive, is called as photoperiodism. B Light: Light is also an important factor in influencing growth, behaviour and distribution of flora and fauna. Hunting of animals is prohibited so that they may thrive in peace. Wildlife has occupied a special place of veneration and preservation in various cultures of the world. Necessity for Wildlife Conservation: The conservation of wildlife is required for the following benefits: a. Agricultural land frequently displays this type of extremely fragmented, or relictual, habitat. Medium and Climate. Wildlife is important for its beauty, economic, scientific and survival value.

A wide range of varieties of livestock, animals for aquaculture and their wild varieties should be preserved, and priority should be given to those that are most threatened and needed for national and international breeding programme.

It is the established fact that the amount of a substance below or above the certain limits may also limit the abundance or distribution of a species.

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