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You want to go shopping in a crutch less jumpsuit?

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If you like it great. Finally: Congratulations; you are almost there. The way we dress is certainly a vehicle with which we express our personality, and create our identity as the media encourages us to. Particularly within the realm of fashion how we dress is an outward expression of our personalities to the world.

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Brands have the power to adopt the ideals of slow fashion and produce more quality, long lasting products. Consumers are ultimately paying over the odds when choosing these clothes as their disposable quality results in a much shorter life span.

For this reason I recommend that honesty labels and total transparency should be adopted, benefitting the consumer both socially and environmentally. The ability we have to change is that consumers are willing to alter their behaviour as seen in the case of food.

This shows that the key to change is information. However there is also reason to argue that fast fashion is not entirely a consumer driven phenomenon and that is largely due to the level of advertisements designed to make people spend.

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The website clearly illustrates that fast fashion clothes can be made ethically. Furthermore it would benefit the consumer. What they create instigates the processes that follow.

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