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For these theorists, the notion of an agonistic feminism would be, at best, a contradiction in terms and, at worst, a muddled and, perhaps, dangerous idea.

Mouffe, Chantal, See section 2. In the past two decades it has come to exert a stronger influence over mainstream political theorizing, raising objections that mainstream philosophers have had to address, though not always very convincingly.

Hagan, Frank E. Furthermore, the claim of feminist scholarship is that it has much greater potential than the discipline of International Relations to bring about this kind of change.

Its central claim is that feminist struggle, like other struggles for social justice, is engaged in politics as ceaseless contestation. HonigAssociational theorists tend to look for ways, amidst all the differences and questions about the lack of foundations, it is possible to come to agreement on matters of common concern.

Torres, The Sexual Contract, Oxford: Polity. Feminist political theory as a term only consolidated in the West during Women's Liberation movements of the s and 70s. And it is striking that the mythical figures of iconic woman-hood, Athena and Medusa still lay claim to contemporary popular and philosophical imaginations.

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The impact of this work was felt strongly where it originated in feminist legal theory see feminist philosophy of lawand has continued to be an important concept for theories of power and oppression in and out of feminist political philosophy. It is quite an undertaking to discuss the range of feminist approaches in relation to international politics over a year period, not least given the vast amount of feminist scholarship that has been done over that time.

Not all theorists who tend toward the associational model embrace deliberative theory so readily.

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Oyewumi, Oyeronke, The Islamic revival and the feminist subject. As a field bent on changing the world, even liberal feminist theorists tended to criticize liberalism as much or more than they embraced it, and to embrace socialism and other more radical points of view more than to reject them. Hagan, Frank E. Morgan, Robin, Academic Tools. Agonistic feminist political philosophy comes out of poststructural continental feminist and philosophical traditions. Though in the context of the new Europe, it was becoming increasingly apparent that women were regularly faring badly, especially in the former Eastern Europe. Daly, Mary, Opening Statement All these theories yet the bodies keep piling up Zalewski At the same time, however, some feminist critics are showing how many of the values of liberalism could be performatively reconstituted. Magid, P. Rather than seeing care and justice as mutually exclusive alternatives, they began to recognize that attention to care should be accompanied by attention to fairness justice in order to attend to the plight of those with whom we have no immediate relation Koggel
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