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What makes this company your go-to choice? This type of cover letter is a general inquiry about open positions rather than being in response to a specific job ad. In the U. Describe how, in your previous role as a marketing manager, you ran several campaigns for your clients and exceeded their expectations of lead generation with specific numbers, if possible , and how you also trained and mentored new associates on how to manage their own accounts, which improved client retention rates. Our Genius Cover Letter Maker eliminates this worry by helping you construct a captivating, one-page cover letter, no matter your age, or what level of experience you have. Highlights skills and accomplishments that match keywords found in the job description Quantifies accomplishments, if possible e. Tip If you want to see what a cover letter for a resume should look like, browse through our cover letter examples. Tell a compelling story Everyone loves a good story, and recruiters and hiring managers are no exception. International students: when applying to positions within the U. A well-crafted cover letter goes over information on your resume and expands this information for the reader, taking them on a guided journey of some of your greatest career and life achievements. Be sure to tailor any samples you use to match your own background and the job for which you are applying. Why is this company special to you?

Resume Format The most acceptable and readily used format for college students is the chronological resume, in which your most recent experience is listed first. Tell a compelling story Everyone loves a good story, and recruiters and hiring managers are no exception.

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Many students choose to use one paragraph to discuss previous work experiences and another one to discuss academic experiences or leadership experience, etc. The goal is to make your materials so engaging that the reader cannot wait to meet you.

The only time you should avoid sending a cover letter is when a job listing explicitly says not to send one. A list of references and recommendation letters should NOT be included with applications materials unless requested by the employer.

What makes this company your go-to choice?

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Usually the letters are written by people on your reference list. Why should the employer hire you?

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Cover Letter Sample for a Resume