How to write amharic on ipad

how to write amharic on ipad

Tap sound option. Then look at the Version.

Amharic alphabet

Be the first of your friends and send them colored texts right from the application. Wait for it to install and once it finishes installing, it will re-spring you iPhone. Mine is currently 5. When you find it, install it. To test if you can write Amharic on notes, go to Notes and start writing. Amharic Keyboard uniquely designed for iPhone and iPad. Compose and send messages by your phone or by Facebook or Twitter.

From the search results, find and click on Amharic Keyboard-ios5. Then a small window pops up, then write this iamharic.

hahu amharic keyboard for iphone

Then on the list of applications, find BytaFont and open it. When you find it, install it. I tried to install Amharic font from cydia My iPhone is jailbroken but it didnt help much.

This might re-spring you iPhone.

tigrinya keyboard iphone
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How to write amharic on ipad