How to write and query in ssis derived

multiple case statement in ssis

In this article, we will work with C. For the first example, we will create a new column named PriceCode with a data type of string with a length of 4. In the Namespaces add the System. After executing the SSIS package, we execute a query to view the contents of the destination table.

If the text is black, then the syntax is correct. It is more powerful because it supports multiple lines of code, comments, functions, libraries, Object Oriented Programming, error handling, and all the advantages that a programming language has.

If it is something more complex, SC is the solution. In the SSIS project, drag and drop the data flow: Double click the data flow in the design pane and add a Flat file source, flat file destination and the DC task.

The data used for this example is shown below. Example with the Script Component We are now going to show how to convert the format of the column using the SC.

ssis derived column cast

This namespace is used to handle dates, currency, calendars, numbers and other information from different cultures. Join the tasks with an arrow like this: Double click the Flat File Source and press the new button: Specify the path where the dates. It will ask you to specify how to use the script.

The SC is a script similar to the script task in the data flow.

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