Instructional competencies of a good teacher

Hanford, E, The study was also aimed at exploring indicators of school effectiveness. Among the learners, gender and distance of residence from the community learning center had a significant relationship to their performance.

teaching competencies list

This is done by partly using formal and informal assessments to help guide instruction. Mastery in the formulation of goals and objectives.

Instructional competencies of a good teacher

The research also discuss several newer strategies that warrant attention. Direct instruction reading. A synthesis of over, In the light of the stated facts on the importance of instructional competencies of teachers, the researcher will seek to identify the preparedness of the TLE teachers in implementing the K curriculum by assessing if they had the competencies prescribed by todays education.

impact of teacher competence on student performance

Gijselaers, W. We find no evidence of bias in VA estimates using previously unobserved parent characteristics and a quasi-experimental research design based on changes in teaching staff.

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The Instructional Competencies of Teachers