Issues related to genetic diversity essay

The use of germ-line altering technologies should not be implemented until strongly persuasive evidence regarding the effects on genetic diversity is concretely established.

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Deducing from that statement, the industry that it is most prevalent in is clearly the farming industry. Therefore, any implementation of these technologies on human populations should be banned.

Issues related to genetic diversity essay

The transgene is inserted into the cells of the recipient organism, a process known as transformation. Little to no genetic diversity makes crops extremely susceptible to widespread disease; bacteria morph and change constantly and when a disease-causing bacterium changes to attack a specific genetic variation, it can easily wipe out vast quantities of the species.

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Genetic Variability Of Genetic Diversity - Genetic variability in a population describes the existence of different alleles in the chosen population for a given gene. The free market model is based upon the reproductive decisions of a diverse group of potential parents with separate interests, motivations, and means. Uplift is a process of elevating animal species to full sapience through methods of breeding and genetic engineering Lately, a very delicate technique has been a topic of deliberation As a result, the human population may be susceptible to unknown forms of diseases or even viruses, and this may lead to the extinction of the human population on earth Simmons, The most commonly ignored or unnoticed aspect of preservation of natural resources and economic development is human racial or cultural diversity Legal Issues in Genetic Engineering The laws regulating and governing human genetic engineering differ from one country to another. Humans would be taking nature into their own hands. In ML phylogenetic tree and network analysis, all samples were clustered in three major groups Fig.

When a virus containing the genes of one cell infects another, the genetic makeup of the latter changes. The lawyers question if this is a desirable step. They are adenosine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine, abbreviated A, T, C, and G, respectively.

With the newfound breakthroughs in cloning, the capabilities of changing human characteristics are unpredictable.

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Human, Social, and Environmental Impacts of Human Genetic Engineering