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Example: Crayola - Cry Thunder Cats - Tanda an old person; the slang is often called to an old gay man Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion - Pagod tired The use of gay lingo was first used to avoid having other people hear what you are talking about, especially when it comes to sex.

I'm talking, of course, about Jejekids. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include and l33t; eleet may be spelled or3l33t.

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Third, they make the communication hard because of complex word spelling. And it was used like this: 'Oh, look she eats diyolog. It goes like this: eI. Hate groups called Jejebusters, grammar Nazis, from social networking sites such as Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts were made to bash them. They gained different reactions; some were bewildered yet amused, some shrugged their shoulders and did not care a whit, but most raised their brows, showing irritation. Oh honey, no. Language of Jejemon. Out of the 92 Grade 7 respondents, Jejemon beats Ondoy as word of the year. I cant object and Im not against them but I know every gang or sorority brings pleasure to anyone in a way he feels he belongs Secret codes. Our national language Filipino and numerous dialectsreflects our culture. It has its own, albeit unofficial, orthography, known as Jejebet, which uses the Filipino variant of the Roman alphabet , Arabic numerals and other special characters. Nolasco in his column, we will never be able to develop our languages for higher thinking unless we begin basic literacy and education in them [students]. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways.

Bad Effects of Jejemon y You forget your main language. Because their grammar is so bad, Jejekids must avoid the sun.

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This girl definitely is not. Maybe turning on the computer and logging on to Facebook has just become too expensive? With the half-bloods coming from all over the world, the group album looks like a Benetton ad-"with a few racy photos again! One student calles them "walking fruit baskets. Bad Effects of Jejemon y You forget your main language. A form of typing used by Jejemons to communicate with one another. People also base one's intelligence on their spelling and grammar. However, some jejemons are not really "conserving" characters; instead, they are lengthening their message. The idea was: texting in proper English was not only a tedious, time-and-space-consuming waste of thumb-power, but it also looked really boring. May ganun? The jejemon, in complete contrast, is stereotyped as dumb, yes, but not as outcasts of society. Tibo or tomboy has a similar function, and refers to lesbians, usually of the butch and masculine type. Jejekids are born with a disease, which causes very brown skin, blonde hair and bad grammar.

The website InternetSlang, where a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations used in social networking sites are seen, describes Jejemons as people who type stupidly. They've lain dormant in Philippine jungles until recently, when Jejemon groups decided to leave their homes due to habitat destruction.

As said by my Linguistics 1 Ling 1 professor, Ricardo Ma. Another possible reason is that, people just cannot decipher the message that they trying to say due to decorative way of spelling words. Future Researchers.

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Jejevitis: Epidemiology: We've all seen them. Edited television advertisements of Nacionalista Party proclaiming their disdain, and an edited photograph of Gilberto Teodoro with him holding a sign saying that the Jejemons should be "brought back to elementary school" went viral.

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