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Want to know my favorite part in the Book of Job?

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Is Bildad trying to give Job an out? Lesson: Find ways to identify and connect with those in pain. Let's take a look. Offer to help them in some way? Here's the thing, though. Now his friends do the same. He deserved what he got. When we are aware of a friend who is hurting, we can follow the positive example of these men by going to the person, mourning with him, and spending time together. So they just sat there with him and expressed their sympathy through silence. The initial steps they took serve as an example to us all on how to respond when one of our friends is hurting. If God's power is absolute, and God's law is that the righteous are rewarded and the wicked are punished, then Job's predicament is his own fault. He asks Job's friends, "who are you to talk? As a result, they repeatedly encourage Job to admit his wrong and repent so that God would bless him again. What could they possibly do to make Job feel better? That complicates things quite a bit.

But all of this must flow out of a posture of listening. There is also a tomb of Job outside the city of Salalah in Oman. That complicates things quite a bit. Terrence Malick 's film The Tree of Lifewhich won the Palme d'Oris heavily influenced by the themes of the Book of Job, as the film starts with a quote from the beginning of God's speech to Job.

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Perhaps they got a few things right. But there is one important message I heard in reading the story, and that is the reaction of Job's friends. I've always disliked the Book of Job in the Bible.

In Lebanon the Muwahideen or Druze community have a shrine built in the Shouf area that allegedly contains Job's tomb.

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Throughout the course of the book of Job, we watch Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and eventually Elihu, taking their turns to blame and accuse, adding insult to injury to the plight of Job. John —3. And when we find ourselves in this position, we will make mistakes, too. They sat down on the ground and were with him for at least seven days and nights. For this reason, we should always be careful about how we interpret individual verses from Job. So yeah, humans have no chance of being sinless. For the next couple dozen chapters of conversation, they offer Job some really bad counsel. For pages and pages, they give him advice. There were plenty of episodes of unchecked accusation, pride, and shaming that occurred in the following days. When we are aware of a friend who is hurting, we can follow the positive example of these men by going to the person, mourning with him, and spending time together. Third, they spent time with him. Even though they were separated by some distance, they were close enough friends of Job to know something had happened. What really impressed me in Job's story was the seven days his friends sat with him and gave him comfort. Job had done that when he received the devastating news.

They were unified in spirit and appearance with their friend. Lesson: Sacrifice for your friends in time of need. It was there that God rewarded him with a Fountain of Youth that removed whatever illnesses he had and restored his youth.

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This is a friend. Job's Friends The best gift a friend can offer to someone who is ill is quiet comfort and support. We will offer unhelpful reasoning.

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What did Job's three friends have wrong, and what did they have right?