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Creative Writing Special Study: Get a Life: Forms of Auto biography 30 credits This year-long module focuses on the study and creative practice of auto biography and memoir, some of the most interesting and thriving literary genres.

Special Study: Tragedy, Catastrophe, Trauma 30 credits Tragedy, Catastrophe, Trauma is a special-study option module in the third year Drama field, and may be taken by both single honours and joint honours students. Please note the tariff information below is for entry only.

You will develop your skills as a performer and enhance your knowledge of a variety of methods of theatre-making. Core modules Style and Meaning 30 credits This module explores the linguistic study of style and meaning in a range of contexts, such as spoken and written mediums, including natural conversation, literary and media texts.

It provides an opportunity to explore in detail the key facets of Modernism, as it manifested in theatre and especially in relation on how it impacted on the role of the actor.

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Creative Writing Dissertation Project 30 credits Creative Writing Dissertation Project is a year-long credit module which showcases and synthesises students' practical skills, knowledge gained, and creative talent nurtured and developed throughout their creative writing degree.

Transferable skills are embedded in the module through the editing and redrafting practice in which you will synthesise the reading, analysis and feedback you have received in order to produce a portfolio of writing that works.

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