Living as an exchange student a life in a year

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Having more opportunities to travel Your new city abroad might be in a convenient location, which will put you close to a couple of other major capital cities, or even other countries. I did the same, though I was nervous. It was more of farmland and countryside.

Then I got an email. It can be frightening, exciting, worrisome, thrilling all at the same time.

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Could you repeat that please? Going on the exchange, especially in high school, is a big decision. It was very hard for me to call Deb by her first name, so I went by "Mom" and I felt more comfortable talking to her. This dish consisted of a piece of bread, with sausage, tomato, lettuce, a sauce, and a spicy radish-type root.

Also, learning a few basics never hurt anyone I, along with my other exchange friends in Monroe, had dinner with my potential host mom, Deb Thompson, at her house.

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Life Abroad: My Time in Austria as an Exchange Student