Mike ferry business plan 2012 electoral votes

I did it inthe agents thought I was crazy until I outproduced them all. I pass on what you and Sam will say to other good brokers like yourselves.

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But it very well could be the most impactful. Mike: Yesterday, I did 16 coaching calls. Mike: Tim, no matter what you say, the money in real estate is listing property.

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We were up in the Hamptons on our yacht, we took- Oliver: No big deal. Mike: I had a conversation this morning with one of my coaching clients who just turned So, very cool.

What is Mike Ferry investing in on a real estate perspective? Ella Jones can relate. What did they do?

Mike ferry business plan 2012 electoral votes

So all of our properties are free and clear, no mortgage. There were several hundred business cards in a big stack. The only stupid investment I ever made was the boat and we got lucky and got out of it. I know. I said, well, there has to be a balance, we call it purgatory. Our goal with this new season is to bring even more intentionality to the show as well as to integrate viewer questions that will be answered. This was kind of an interesting question from Eric Gilman, shout out to Eric. How you prepare dictates how you perform. Are you talking about gifts for buyers and sellers? If you can enjoy the experience, guess what? Oliver: And those are the people that are gonna come and get the deals. And of course, the problem is, a lot of them have turned over but nobody told them. You know, there is no magic formula, no magic bullet and I think what attracted both yourself and Sam to me and myself back to you guys is you guys understood common sense. Oliver: He leaves the light on for you.

Oh, this was actually one that came up a lot which I was amused by and this is Cathy, Bethel, Daniel, what did you do with your yacht?

We were the real deal.

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