Plastic over-usage essay

Plastic over-usage essay

Marine animals often mistake plastic pieces and bags for food. Currently this is the highest level of contamination the region ever seen. If each one of us follows the ways to beat plastic pollution shared here then we can certainly bring down the pollution level to a large extent. This has become a cause of global concern. The hard surface of pelagic plastics also provides an attractive and alternate substrate to natural floating debris e. Yet substitutes also offer cause for concern. The American Forest and Paper Association argues for the use of paper bags and against the imposition of fees on paper bags. Plastic shopping bags are widely reused as trash-can liners, the British environmental agency study points out. It is increasing because of the negligence of humans. Academics have measured consumer behavior and public opinion on plastic bags in many countries, including Turkey, Uganda and Canada.

Plastics have no better method of disposal. Green Crates recognises the importance of addressing this issue, and so I will be evaluating exactly how our business will be doing this.

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The same thought is supported by Mary Creagh MP, EAC chair, adding that producers of the coffee-cups must be responsible for their own products and this idea must be supported by government.

It is dangerous when plastic waste goes to the landfills and even more dangerous when it goes into the water bodies. All the polymers and compounds used in the creation of plastic bags such as polypropylene and polyethylene are derived from petroleum and natural gas.

Vincent Cobb, President of reusablebags. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1.

Plastic pollution essay in english

This should involve putting a ban on the production of plastic bags as well as punishing those found using these. Currently it seems impossible because with every passing moment another portion of plastic is utilized and only a little part of it is recycled. It is increasing because of the negligence of humans. Plastic bags penetrate through drainage and sewer systems and clog them. A plastic bag looks like a tasty jellyfish to an indiscriminate feeder like the sea turtle, but plastic is indigestible. As a result, humans absorb microplastic they waste themselves back while eating fish. The government must take stringent steps to stop the use of plastic bags. Plastic plays the villain right from the stage of its production.

The main reason behind the negative impact of plastic bags on our environment is the inability to dispose of them in a way that will help eliminate the problem C. The government of many countries is taking measures such as banning plastic bags to reduce plastic pollution.

It has become a cause of global concern as it is destroying our beautiful planet and having negative repercussions on all kinds of living beings.

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Essay on Plastic