Powershell write progress

Or they can use PowerShell's built-in progress bar support to not only display messages but also to show a graphical representation of the percentage of work that's been done. For this, I use the Write-Progress cmdlet. Typically, the Activity in the first progress bar should describe the main function of the script, and you should keep it consistent throughout the script.

To bring up the progress bar and to update it as it's running, we use the Write-Progress cmdlet.

powershell write-progress flashing

They may choose to use various Write-Verbose or Write-Information references indicating the status. For example: Write-Progress -Activity "I'm going to sleep for 5 seconds" -Status "Zzzzz" Start-Sleep 5 To be explicit about not knowing how much progress to report, you can specify -PercentComplete I choose not.

powershell write-progress gui

At its most basic, you simply need to specify the title of the progress bar using the Activity parameter, the status message to display using the Status parameter and how much to fill in the progress bar using the PercentComplete parameter.

Up to this point, we've just created a fancy messaging box. Once I figure this out, I can then do some arithmetic to get the actual percentage values.

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