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Sharecroppers were often thrown out of work, for example, when the AAA paid landowners not to grow. Under the WPA, buildings, roads, airports and schools were constructed.

The gold standard. World War I made restoration of the prewar economic system difficult, maybe impossible. This partly explains why the experience and length of the depression differed between national economies.

A series of relief programs were designed to provide jobs, in cooperation with local governments. It is not a real prosperity. There are many sides to the argument of economic policy, some on the side of the rich, others the poor, and some simply stand in a neutral position to help provide the best they can.

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It did not develop from an increase in economic wealth, i. Why could no one stop this spiral? Prohibition was repealed, fulfilling a campaign pledge and generating new tax revenues for local and state government. Hitler was installed as the German chancellor on January 30, ; Roosevelt was inaugurated as President of the United States just thirty-three days later, on March 4.

Increases in M relative to V result in increases in P and y. Figure 4 shows the behavior of the stock of money, both the narrow M1and broader M2 measures of it.

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The Great Depression and World War II,