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He has used both quantitative and qualitative research methods in his research, and written extensively on research methodology and on methods of case research.

Such systems seek to work with the intelligence of users of the systems. In the restaurant chain studied by Ahrens and Chapman, for example, the routines that made up the menu design process can be seen as an organizational practice through which key objectives were tied together and the organizational strategy was made workable. Even the idea that a BSC would comprise four families of measures has proven not to act as a deWnitional boundary in terms of what people will attach the label to. He served and serves on the editorial boards of several national and international academic journals, and has held, or still holds, visiting academic positions in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland, and France. Loeb, Ph. Jane Baxter, Ph. A Channel ferry operator sought to improve customer satisfaction. Is the scorecard concerned with the implementation of strategy or its development and reWnement? Moreover, to become visible as, speciWcally, accounting, management control, or performance measurement innovations, new practices need to be framed as in some way technical-numerical. Along with Lawrence A. At the heart of global transparency often lies a clariWcation of the local implications of organizational strategy and, in particular, of trying to achieve customer satisfaction, for example. He is also researching, on behalf of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, current patterns of education and training in the accountancy profession. We moved on to note that unfortunately such activity on its own was unlikely to contribute to sustainable competitive advantage. In fact, highly asymmetric power relations between head oYce and restaurant managers prevailed.

In the s, the growth of conglomerates went hand in hand with an extensive discussion of misunderstandings of the role of divisionalized performance measurement e. Or could a BSC be something that appears only occasionally on the whiteboard of the company boardroom, a tool for occasional strategic musings of senior management?

reading and writing about contemporary issues 2nd edition pdf

Knorr Cetina, and E. It is underpinned by accessible content for readers of all abilities and it is current and up to date - with welcome recognition about undertaking educational research in an increasingly digitally accessible world.

This phenomenon was at least partly supported by the relative lack of integration of the information systems in the restaurant chain that they studied at the time of the Weldwork —7.

Sets of measures were frequently comprehensive, covering diverse areas of performance, such as Wnancial performance, customer satisfaction, employee skills and satisfaction, etc. Yet we use a single descriptor—management control systems—to describe these distinctly diVerent processes. Random audits of inventory were used to curtail such activity. Chih-Yang Tseng is a Ph. Senior management of this restaurant chain devoted considerable time and eVort to developing a shared understanding amongst organizational members of how conversations about such trade-oVs should take place Ahrens and Chapman Mauriel and Anthony and, especially, the diYculties of measuring executive performance through proWt measures alone e. Organizations carry out signiWcant amounts of measurement, and the technological advances already discussed have only increased such activity. Even if a reliable source description of the BSC were available, however, it would be of limited use in practice. A design like a BSC or a set of design principles like those for enabling control systems are regarded as a loosely related array of activities, held together, mainly, by the purposes of the practitioners Hansen and Mouritsen As with the factory managers in Roberts , it was through discussion and personal engagement that restaurant managers were encouraged to bring their creativity and ideas to bear on daily operations, despite the fact that they were subject to potentially harsh hierarchical control. Coercive control systems seek to provide a foolproof environment for action. A more general managerial problem, however, is how to deal with ever-increasing Xows of information in situations where there is no such easy Wltering mechanism available: Looked at in the large, organisations exist to suppress data.

This is a book that students in higher education will find invaluable. His Wrst example involved an application of market trading principles to the problem, faced by British Petroleum plc BPof how to achieve a commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 10 per cent.

In terms of understanding performance management as an organizational capability, however, this Wfth dimension requires close attention. But research shows that indiscriminate use and undue conWdence and reliance in them result from insuYcient knowledge of the full eVects and consequences.

reading and writing about contemporary issues pdf

The cure is sometimes worse than the disease.

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McWhorter, Reading and Writing About Contemporary Issues, 2nd Edition