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Audience segmentation research helps us know customer groups better. Traditionally, newspaper audiences have been more educated, affluent and older than non-newspaper readers. Nevertheless, the outcomes can be used for different purposes thanks to their diversity.

Some points may be already familiar to you, however, additional information should provide new insights. People who get news from all platforms are usually well-educated and have the highest income.

And by broadening their distribution to digital channels, many newspapers have attracted digital readers, who represent an even more affluent and educated segment of readers.

As digital media have gained in prominence, newspapers have attracted younger readers. Despite their growing appeal among younger readers through digital channels, newspapers still maintain an educated and affluent audience.

Besides this Nielsen Scarborough research, there are more examples of audience segmentation.

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More than just geography, localism is about being able to understand the unique shopping, media, and lifestyle behaviors of people in the places they call home. Download a customizable template here.

In fact, a recent Nielsen Scarborough study found that more than million adults in the U. VNU was renamed as the Nielsen Company in

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