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To write dialogue, start with an element called a character cue. Keeping sentences separated by two spaces, not just one, makes the script easier to read.

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Writing a screenplay? First, let's set up your margins: top margin at 1 inch, left margin at 1.

how to write a script for a short film

A shooting script is more like a specifications sheet, or instructions to the entire production team. Comedies tend to be shorter than dramas.

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Give them a little description as well, but don't make the newbie mistake of trying to cast your main character. How can we indicate that MinionBot is in the scene, but off screen? When introducing a major character and by "major" it's generally meant "one with a speaking part" , put his or her name in all caps, but only the first time. The rule is a page per minute. The draft date is not needed on a speculative script as opposed to a shooting script , and may be omitted. It's perfect. However, there may be times when you need to print out a copy of your script for someone to review. Camera cues and editing instructions are added. It tells the actor how the dialogue should be delivered.

Because you never number page one. Introduce your Young Antagonist like you would an entirely new character.

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How to Format a Professional Screenplay