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Vietnam China shares a land border of 1, km with Vietnam. Roosevelt offered the Kuomintang leader Chiang Kai-shek the entirety of Indochina to be put under Chinese rule. In an agreement was reached in which China would gain sovereignty over an area of 1, square-km in the Pamir Mountains, lying on the Tajik border with China and Afghanistan, less than 5.

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Although Nepal stopped accepting Tibetan refugees in the s, they are generally allowed to cross Nepal on their way to India, an informal agreement, which does not seriously antagonise China. The Chinese Communist Party provided, arms, military training and essential supplies to help the Communist North defeat Capitalist South Vietnam and its ally, the United States , between and China has had, or still has, border issues with some of its neighbours. Today China is the largest trade partner for Burma. The question of control over Zhenbao Island, and three other islands in the Amur and Argun rivers were finally settled in and respectively, whilst the demarcation of the western border was completed in The last thing that China needs in its current situation is an armed conflict with any of its neighbours. A border agreement was eventually signed in following border skirmishes throughout the s. China at the time had 71 ships in the disputed area while Vietnam had In an era of growing political and economic interdependence such a development could only impact negatively on China. China swiftly declared victory but voluntarily withdrew back to the McMahon Line. During most of the Cold War period, China had very friendly relations with Afghanistan. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in , the new Central Asian countries including Kazakhstan took over these border disputes with China. Laos China shares a border of km with Laos based on a border treaty signed in China looks to Central Asian governments to crackdown on Islamic fundamentalism and Uighur separatism.

The Sino-Mongolian border treaty was signed inand a final agreement on the exact demarcation of the border was reached in There are no border disputes between them. India The borders between the Indian subcontinent and China have been peaceful for thousands of years and India was among the first nations to grant diplomatic recognition to the PRC in Reportedly, Chiang Kai-shek replied: "Under no circumstances!

Many indigenous tribes in Yunnan have historical links with related peoples just over the border.

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Serious border negotiations did not take place until the fall of the Soviet Union in Bhutan Another buffer state between China and India and a traditional ally with the latter, Bhutan has not established official ties with China, thus relations have been frosty.

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Map of China and Neighboring Countries, Asia Map