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Hardware Interfaces College name 3.

literature survey on college management system

With the aid of new system, the users will be enthusiastic to extract the information in lieu of just data with little meaning. So, if the data is stored electronically about the reservation centrally, the notification can be passed to the professor by sending an SMS or an email, through which such future attempts can be halted.

existing system of college management system

Technical support is also a reason for the success of the project. Once the programming is completed, the testing is done. All system is feasible if they are unlimited resources and infinite time.

If the Login and password are valid, the response to this action is the administrator will be able to modify, view, add, deleting and all other functions that can be performed on the database.

Error Detection: Even though every effort is make to avoid the occurrence of errors, still a small proportion of errors is always likely to occur, these types of errors can be discovered by using validations to check the input data. Functional Requirements This section gives the list of Functional and non functional requirements which are applicable to the University Management System.

The system will not accept invalid data. Reports must be generated for the existing data i.

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