Tax compliance in nigeria

Tax compliance in nigeria

James and Nobes and Nightingale , while citing Adam Smith , posit that a good tax should have the qualities of Equitability, Efficiency, Neutrality, flexibility, and simple. Nightingale, K. In the ease of tax payment, evidence from the World Bank Doing Business Report and , shows that Nigeria ranked and , respectively, out of countries; in Sub-Saharan Africa SSA , it ranked 27 out of 46 countries. We all believe that it is Nigeria and we can always get away with breaking the laws. Spring Symposium in May, , Washington D. When the government honours its own part of the contract in a transparent and honest way, payment of tax by the citizens becomes more compelling and intuitive. While this does not suggest that tax authorities would not be subject to direction or oversight, they would however require independence in their operations should they be required to fulfill their obligation to the Government and citizens of the country. Permit me to say that whether we like it or not Nigeria must move forward. The importance of taxation in the activities of any government cannot be overemphasized. VAIDS is an ad hoc carrot and stick arrangement meant to enforce voluntary declaration of assets and income for taxation within the stipulated period.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRSfor instance, which was first established as an operational arm of the Federal Board of Inland Revenue FBIR in but autonomous inwas saddled with the responsibility of controlling and administering different taxes as well as accounting for all taxes collected.

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Niger Account, 42 1 : Nigeria personal Income Tax system does not give room for equality and Nigeria legislature is not doing anything tangible to solve this problem.

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tax compliance issues in the informal sector of the nigerian economy

Even with these penalties, the orientational factor of average Nigerian does allow the fear of laws and penalties on defaulters.

A Small business owners and individuals should be made to understand how good financial record keeping will help their business grow and positions them adequately to benefit from banks and government-sponsored facilities.

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Tax compliance can be defined as an ability of a tax liable body to submit accurate, complete and satisfactory returns in conformity with tax laws and regulations of the state to the authority for the purpose of tax assessment Badara, England Pearson Education Ltd.

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