The 1960s essay

Equality, freedom, and nonviolence were going strong thanks to protests and the desire for change in the American identity.

1960s politics

Specifically this paper will be detailing six different areas: the Mexican American War, Anti-Mexican American violence, Texas, the Great Depression, the Bracero program, and documented versus undocumented status This ideal lifestyle was championed on television sitcoms such as Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best and it included the above mentioned luxuries, furthermore it illustrated the breakdown of the family and how it was supposed to appear.

People started to venture outside of the traditional mindset established by their elders, and the new generation made a great impact on the American lifestyle.

1960s economic events

More people had cars and could take day trips to the coast and the doubled wages meant people could take week or two week holidays during the year. According to the University of Chicago Law Review, the sentencing structure began to show a transformation from correction to deterrence style in an effort to increase authority to prosecutors and judges, allowing both to provide enhanced sentences of incarceration The followers are educated middle and upper-class women Foner The counter culture movement of the s contains the concerns of race, feminism, gay rights, and war all at once.

He showed how the Mexicans were treated by society, and they all spoke Spanish and worked together.

The 1960s essay

The film tells a tale of a low-level gangster, Michel Jean-Paul Belmondowho aims to become Humphrey Bogart, a character in American crime films.

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The Decade of the 's Essay Example