The foundation and history of the black panther party for self defense in the us

The Black Panther Party unarguably set the example, espousing principles and a history that certainly should be embraced by all those still struggling for freedom. Civil rights practices proved incapable of redressing these conditions, and the organizations that had "led much of the nonviolent civil disobedience" such as SNCC and CORE went into decline.

By the early s, FBI counterintelligence efforts, criminal activities and an internal rift between group members weakened the party as a political force. In the dimming years of his life, Cleaver assimilates a political outlook similar to Martin Luther King, engages in various business ventures, and becomes heavily addicted to cocaine.

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Cleaver expresses his absolute disdain for what has happened to the party, demands that David Hilliard Chief of Staff be removed, and even attacks the breakfast program as reformist.

The arrogance of this claim is overwhelmed by its reactionary nature. In Southern California similar actions were taken to exacerbate a "gang war" between the Black Panther Party and a black nationalist group called the US Organization.

At the age of three, he and his family moved to Oakland, California after being harassed by racist vigilante groups associated with the KU Klux Klan.

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The foundation originally made this position patently clear in the FAQs section of its official website, www. I am disturbed because I, myself, do not know which way to turn At this time there were fewer than one hundred Party members.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation. Two police officers were also shot. Emboldened by the view that African Americans had a constitutional right to bear arms based on the Second Amendment of the U.

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Black Panther Party