The great gatsby comparison between 1974 movie

The great gatsby comparison between 1974 movie

The Great Gatsby has been the basis for many movie adaptations of the same name in , , , , and the latest in Although going back to expression of emotion I did enjoy the way Carey had released her emotions, and I thought she had such a sweet and innocent way of sharing her thoughts. Carey Mulligan has a more vibrant, perhaps even edgier look, compared to the toned down Mia Farrow. But at least it kept me awake. The Great Gatsby :. This intro makes me think the story is the rambling of syphilitic mind. I think that if they were to mesh both the modern and old, they would probably have themselves a good movie. The novel communicates how the culture was in New York City and why the main character Jay Gatsby held parties so he could see his beloved debutante, Daisy Buchanan.

You could honestly cut Jordan out of the film altogether and no one would notice. Back in the day. Sleeveless dresses with more jewels, beads, and lavish decor are more apparent in the newer Gatsby. Both had their own way of approaching the character and really selling Gatsby.

But at least it kept me awake. There are some other similar additions in the movie of in order to keep the continuity of the story.

Thanks for reading! I found the actor who played Myrtle to be way over the top, way too over acted.

the great gatsby 1974 vs 2013 differences

While in the movie, this character has been left out. I took her meaning that she would be foolish enough not to be aware of her husband's philandering, Daisy assuming any and all prospective son-in-laws would cheat.

One of the most important parts of the book was sadly deleted-that of Jordan Baker's tale of the early romance between Gatsby and Daisy.

I have read the book thrice and saw the '73 version when it came out.

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