The kalahari

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What is the temperature range in the Kalahari Desert? It receives too much rainfall - between 5 and 10 inches annually.

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The shoulder height of the animal can be anywhere between 28 and 35 inches and weigh between 46 and pounds.

The Kalahari evokes a picture of never ending red sand dunes, big, blue skies and a scorching sun that shimmers unrelentingly on ancient dry riverbeds, known as omuramba. In the driest and sunniest parts of the Kalahari, over 4, hours of sunshine are recorded annually on average.

The kalahari

Did you know? The white sand witsand of the region is unusual, surrounded as it is by regular red Kalahari sand. The main region that lacks ground cover is in the southwest Kalahari southeast of Namibia, northwest of South Africa and southwest of Botswana in the south of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The northeastern portion, however, receives much more rainfall and, climatically, cannot qualify as a desert; and yet, it is totally lacking in surface water. While this section may not seem of interest to casual readers, it provides a brief and insightful glimpse of the reports written by NGOs and governmental organizations concerned by a multitude of national security concerns including: environmental health, park and wildlife tourism revenue, resource security, and quality of life improvements for humans in rural regions. Drainage In the southern and central parts of the Kalahari Desert, surface water is found only in small, widely scattered waterholes, and surface drainage is nonexistent. The lake dried out 10, years ago. The other significant portion of the book is about carrying out research and observing wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Kalahari is the southernmost desert in Africa. Hoodia cactus grow here, used for thousands of years by the San people to ease hunger and thirst.

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Great photos from the Owens' time in the Kalahari accompany the book. Many reptiles also live in the Kalahari, including Cape cobras, puff adders, and numerous lizard species.

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10 Interesting Kalahari Desert Facts