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Where does the fault lie? If he did not have this poetic sense of its possibility, then the loss of it would not be so great. For most of the scientists of Browning's day, the designer of the universe was still "in his Heaven", and the poet, by analogy, still at the centre of his twisting, turning, but reassuringly symmetrical web of a poem.

He cannot become one with his partner in body and soul to be joined for eternity, the only way to ensure the bliss lasts forever. The poem's meter somewhat reflects these themes as well.

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The reader is likely to sympathize with the speaker since he provides us with such a deep insight into his thoughts and his feelings. The most obvious reason is that he is confined to a "finite" body and hence is always separated from her by that boundary. The next verse contrasts with the climactic mood of the previous verse, and immediately becomes more subdued, as though the poet has entered a post-coital depression phase:? How is it under our control To love or not to love? Only I discern— Infinite passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn. The first line, starting with 'I wonder' sets the contemplative tone of the piece, and the poet follows one particular trail of thought for several stanzas. Hold it fast! On the other hand both of them seem to remain alone at the same time although they are together. To my mind this message is not a negative message since it practically argues that you will not be able to love someone else if you do not love yourself and that you should never lose yourself for a relationship with someone else, regardless of how much you may love this person. The poem commences with romantic images of the couple sitting in the fields of Rome in spring. Off again! I would that you were all to me, You that are just so much, no more.

Not to become one in body only but to become one with his beloved in soul and will too. The champaign with its endless fleece Of feathery grasses everywhere! Hold it fast! How is it under our control To love or not to love??

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Until the middle of the twentieth century it grew fairly wild and unclaimed. Many poets often make use of the trope of nature or nature as ideal.

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Our experienced writers have been analyzing poetry since they were college students, and they enjoy doing it. Its achievement would mean an existence outside time, and that, as the poem recognises, is beyond possibility.

Help me to hold it! This jealousy may be that what the speaker cannot take hold of; what he cannot understand, and what is standing between him and his lady although he loves her so strongly.

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Featured Poem: Two in the Campagna by Robert Browning